This island is getting more comfortable. I’ve  found a fishing rod so I’m able to catch fresh food. I can’t say fish because the creatures I’m pulling in are far too vicious to be counted as fish.

Giant squid, sharks and huge eels. Catching them is easy but killing them and not getting bitten is a major challenge. They don’t taste too good but I only need one to last me a week.

I caught a cooking pot yesterday. An actual, metal, cooking pot! I recognise it from the  Valiant. I’m not crazy, it’s etched into the base. “PROPERTY of Chef Lazenby” Chef! Ha. He was barely a cook. Although he probably would be able to do more with these eels than I can. I wonder where he is? What happened?

Is it possible the pirates have got hold of sleeping gas? It would take a LOT of gas to create a cloud as thick and endless as the fog we sailed through. That’s not the answer. In all my years  skyshipping I’ve never heard of a fog that kills. I’ve heard of ships getting lost and crashing into other ships and mountains but never entire crews just vanishing.

How can a crew just vanish? I’m here. Some of the ship is here. Strangely the top of it is missing. No wheel house, no crew quarters, nothing. Just the main deck. I’ve looked many times. There isn’t a single sign of damage. Just nail and screw holes where things used to be. It’s as if a team of VERY talented carpenters, just, lifted it all.

Will they be ok? What hope does a son have without his father? I wouldn’t be who I am today without my fathers help.  What would he do, if he was here? Here, on this god forsaken, floating, endless and noisy, piece of shit of a prison. I can’t write anymore. I need to sleep.

I get so frustrated some days. I can feel a rage building inside me that I’ve never known before. I think it’s because I don’t have any sense of time. There is no clear day/night cycle. I seem to be passing the same mountains. It’s what I now call a day. When they pass on my right. The sun isn’t relentless it just never really sets. Some days the clouds block it and that’s the closest I come to a night.

I feel better today, like I need to achieve something. My ultimate goal is to escape. To find a way to the mountains that drift passed us every day. It won’t be today though. Today I need to find out what is through the portal I opened.

I didn’t mean to open a portal. I found it. When I first started digging I thought I’d found a well. It was only after I dug it out and stood it up that it became obvious what it was. I don’t know how it’s powered and I’m not sure where it leads.

The tunnel of light suggests that I might land on another island. So far I’ve thrown two buckets and a semi conscious Storm Shark through. If I’d thought about it, I’d have attached a rope to measure the distance. There again, maybe I should have thought for longer about signing up for the merchant navy!  Concentrate man.

I went through. I did it. It felt like, going through a portal. If you want a better description you need to find a portal of your own. It takes away your breath and leaves you dizzy. It also wakes up semi conscious Storm Sharks. And it makes them angry. Luckily the buckets were in one piece and now the shark has a flat, dead, head.

The portal does  lead to a smaller island than the one I’m on and it might be better for me to sleep on. More shelter and no noise from the main power source. I can see my main Island from here but I can’t see this from there. Weird. I need to start naming things. I need to name my Empire.

I know I’m on Aurora. That is the name of this mythical collection of skybound islands. Palloncino. I shall call my day time home Palloncino. It’s not original but it’s mine.

I thought I saw another person yesterday. It was like a shadow. But it wasn’t cast on the floor or walls, it was stood upright. I swear I’m not crazy. Just an outline of a human. It wasn’t a ghost and it wasn’t aware of me. I feel like I’m not alone. I don’t feel scared, just surrounded. Like I’m in a maze. I know other things are here but I can’t quite see them.

The sense of being surrounded is helping me to cope with the loss of my friends, my family and my old life. The loneliness hurts, it slows time and has driven me to think of ending it all. The only thing keeping me going is the thought of getting off Aurora. I need to find a way to the mountains, to seeing my wife and child again. Lucille, baby, i’ll find a way………